Halo Custom Edition is a free expansion of Halo PC.

The main UI of HCE - note how there is no campaign.


Halo Custom Edition can let you play custom content, which greatly lifts the limits of the original Halo. HCE also has an editing kit as a separate application.


The engine has limit capability, which has become a serious stress for most mappers. The Custom Mapping Team is one of these mappers, and the engine has become a great hindrance. One of the greatest concerns is tagspace, which limits the amount of tags imported into Sapien. This, however, is not a concern for most mappers.


Most mapper have bypassed the engine limits, such as allowing dual-wielding and vehicle boosting, although perfectly imperfect. Dual-wielding classifies the two weapons as one, and replaces the grenade trigger with the secondary weapon trigger. Boosting puts a "fake" damage indicator, usually behind the player, which is set to deal 0 damage. Boosting, however, often screws up the vehicle, and takes it random places, unless the damage indicator is in the right place.